SafeType Vertical Keyboard Review

Comfort and style are essential for any ergonomic keyboard. When typing for hours, your seating position can cause you to type with improper posture. This leads to extension, pronation and deviation of the wrists. Ultimately, with extended use, a person will find themselves with aches, pains and overall loss in productivity. This SafeType Vertical Keyboard review will delve into the key design details that make this one of the best-selling vertical keyboards on the market.

Orthopedically Neutral

Being orthopedically neutral means that this SafeType keyboard forces you to type in a natural manner. While keeping your posture perfect, you will not suffer from aches, pains or Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Based off of Biomechanical Principles, this keyboard ensures that your wrist is properly aligned at all times, stress is kept to a minimum and you never feel pains as a result. Unlike other models, SafeType cannot be adjusted in such a way that a neutral position is lost.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze. Simply plug the keyboard in to your USB slot and your operating system will recognize it immediately. There are no drivers that need to be installed, and this model will work flawlessly with Windows XP through Windows 8.

Key Sensitivity

Ergonomic keyboards need to provide functionality and ease of use. The SafeType allows for the perfect neutral position to alleviate pain. The key sensitivity is just right to ensure that you can type naturally without having to apply too much force. While this model does take some time to get accustomed to, you will find that the key sensitivity is far more natural than a standard keyboard.

There are adjustable mirrors that allow you to look down and view the top keys. These are extra keys not normally found on a standard keyboard that make typing and controlling your computer easier.

The SafeType Vertical Keyboard provides research based on user's natural posture to eliminate pains and aches while making typing smoother. With a low entry price and a sleek look, SafeType is the ergonomic keyboard of choice for many suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome or severe pains caused by deviation and pronation.

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