Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard Review

The Fellowes Microban Split Design keyboard conforms to your body's natural arm and hand positions for the utmost in comfort. Although keyboards with a split design take some time to get used to, their ergonomic design allows you to type for an extended period of time without feeling discomfort, tension or pain. This model is ideal for typists, writers, those with carpal tunnel syndrome, and other users who spend a significant amount of time typing.

Comfort and Design

This Fellowes ergonomic split keyboard is designed to conform to your own natural hand and arm positions. The keyboard is raised where the wrists naturally rest to provide optimal support and prevent fatigue. Even when typing for several hours, your hands, wrists and fingers will not feel strained or fatigued. The unique design of the split keyboard can also help alleviate pain and reduce carpal tunnel symptoms.

This keyboard features a 16-character buffer to accommodate fast typists. It also comes with seven additional keys for quick Internet access, and to control audio and video playback. The keyboard's compact design will not overcrowd your desk and adds to the ergonomic design of the device.

A Cleaner Keyboard

The Microban split design keyboard also features antimicrobial protection to keep your keyboard cleaner for longer. Microban protection is actually built into the keyboard itself to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and mildew.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Fellowes Microban Split Design keyboard connects via USB. No software is needed for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users. All you have to do is connect the USB cord to your computer and start typing away. Those who are using Windows 98SE, 2000 and ME can download the appropriate drivers from the Fellowes website.

An ergonomic split keyboard is the most natural and comfortable way to type. The Fellowes Microban split design model is priced affordably and will last for several years, even with extensive use. If you spend multiple hours each day typing at on your keyboard, this is a worthwhile investment that will prevent discomfort, strain and fatigue.

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