Embody Chair by Herman Miller Review

When it comes to spending hours on end in your office, there is one thing you will notice: discomfort from sitting. Normal chairs are not meant to conform to your body, and do not provide a comfortable fit that aims to eliminate all the pains you feel from prolonged sitting. The best office chair on the market is made by Herman Miller and provides comfort, durability and an exceptional design that can't be found anywhere else.

Hang tight while we provide an in-depth review that breaks down all of the best design features of the Embody Chair.

Comfort in Every Inch

Comfort is essential for people that spend a large portion of their day sitting. Not having the right posture or ergonomic principles incorporated into your chair allows for discomfort and a loss in productivity.

Starting with the seat, the cushioning is exceptional, but the seat provides further support thanks to its waterfall edge. This allows your knees to remain in proper alignment and alleviates unwanted pressure which ultimately leads to restless legs or persistent aches. There are even flexors in the seat which add to your overall comfort.

The seat can also be extended for tall and short users alike.

Seat Back and Spine Support

One notable feature that must be included in this review of the Embody is that the back of the chair is narrower than what you may be used to. While this may seem awkward at first, you will be shocked at the level of detail Herman Miller put into this chair.

Embody Chair back

The narrower back is designed to be exactly like your spine. When examining the back of the chair, you will notice a spine like design which allows the chair to apply the right pressure to your vertebra during a long day at work. The spine is flexible so when you lean back in your chair, the same level of support is given and you are able to stretch your muscles in a more fluid manner.

A knob located right below the seat allows you to adjust the back of the chair and choose a comfortable position for you.

Arm Rests

Arm rests are simple to adjust and comfortable. Much like the chair's cushion, the fabric found on the arm rests is breathable and allows for the utmost in comfort at all times. There are 5 settings to ensure that you have the perfect arm position for typing, writing or reading.

Color, Functions and Warranty

Herman Miller spends years researching and crafting chairs that are deemed perfect. This chair comes with a 12-year warranty, numerous color choices and over 6 ergonomic functions to allow you to sit comfortably at all times.

Users that purchase this chair will find that slight assembly is needed, but the instructions are thorough and easy to follow.

Herman Miller believes the best office chair needs to move naturally with the user. The Embody Chair allows for unprecedented movement that ensures good posture at all times, but also alleviates the bad posture seen after prolonged usage.

The Embody brings together the latest research and scientific practices to open the lungs, provide exceptional support and does so while allowing the user to move in their chair fluidly. For anyone that works at a desk all day, the Embody Chair is a dream come true. Affordability, a sleek look and attention to detail makes this the best office chair on the market today. Period!

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