3M Ergonomic Mouse Review

If you are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, a joystick style mouse can prevent pain and fatigue. The 3M Ergonomic Mouse has received the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation for its unique vertical grip design. Not only is this mouse easy to use, but it's far more comfortable than the average mouse. Let's take a closer look at the design of this mouse and the features it offers.

Vertical Design

Unlike a traditional mouse, the 3M ergonomic model features a vertical design. A vertical mouse offers numerous benefits. It allows your wrist and thumb to rest in a natural position, which minimizes discomfort, strain and pain.

When using this joystick mouse, you simply grip the handle and allow your hand to rest on the base of the device. Use your thumb to click the right and left mouse buttons. Unlike a traditional joystick, you must move the entire mouse to navigate.

Although the mouse has a vertical design, it works just as a regular optical mouse would work. The 3M model features an optical sensor, and USB/PS2 plug and play technology.

The biggest issue with this mouse is that it can only be used by users who are right-handed. The angle and overall design of the mouse caters to the right hand, making use as natural as possible.

Most users find that it takes them some time to get used to using a vertical mouse, but the reduction in pain and strain is well worth the effort. The vertical design forces your wrist and hands to remain in a neutral and natural position while still giving you the freedom to navigate as you normally would. As an added bonus, this model is wireless, so you never have to worry about clunky wires or short cords. There is however a wired version of this mouse also available which is a little bit cheaper and may be of interest those who do not need a wireless solution. Having earned the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation, this 3M ergonomic mouse is a smart buy for any office.

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